Thermoforming is a vacuum forming process through which plastic sheets are given a shape.

Thermoforming process starts with the making of the molds on the basis of a draft or a sample provided by the client, goes on with the vacuum forming process itself – where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature – and eventually finishes with the trimming in order to create a usable product.

Dilplast boasts 7 computer-controlled thermoforming machines equipped with electric movement system and halogen heating system. There is also the possibility to register electronically (da finire)

All this allows us to keep a constant uniformity of widths, technical and aesthetic characteristics in each stage of the manufacturing process and for any produced piece.

The use of groundbreaking technologies in the field of thermoforming has also enabled us to get an better flexibility when it comes to manage samples and time-sensitive operations. Furthermore,  this has allowed to improve the productivity, the overall quality of products and to reduce consumptions.

The maximum dimension of a single plastic sheet to be thermoformed is 1500×2500 mm.


The preparatory stage is of paramount importance to chalk up a flawless upshot. Thanks to our multi-year presence on the scene we have been able to partner with trustable and skillful collaborators.

The mould could be realised having as a base either a draft or a sample. The prototypal mould is generally done with wood, while the end mould is realised either in aluminum or resin depending on the client’s needs.

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