Thermoforming and plastic manufacturing


Our long-standing experience in the field of plastic enable us to ensure the highest expertise, the best service possible, and use business to implement cutting-edge and environment-friendly solutions.

The broad range of processing techniques we can put in place the wide selection of raw materials we can work through – ABS, PS, PETG, Methacrylate and Polycarbonate – permitted us to satisfy world-class companies’ necessities over the years. Third-party products are manufactured on specific requests and earmarked for numerous commercial and industrial fields.

News and Insights

We have increased the production capacity

To keep up with our long-term goal of revamping our business, we have recently widened our machinery equipment by adding two brand-new cutting robots, respectively 3 and 5 axis, and a thermoforming machine. The implementation of a 3-axis machine allows us to deal with flat pieces without having to make any fixing mask, avoiding therefore the additional cost for […]

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